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    In 2003, she helped change the narrative about clergy sexual abuse.
    In 2015, she helped change the narrative on child protection.
    Now, she is helping women and communities change the narrative about menopause and midlife.
    Let's change that narrative together.


  • Joelle Casteix is a bestselling author, speaker, motivator, podcaster, and coach.

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    When Joelle Casteix blew away audiences at her TEDx talk, organizers saw what child protection activists had known for years: she is lightning in a bottle. Her message was The Power of Responsibility. But then she hit menopause. She needed to expand her message.


    Already an accomplished author and journalist, a seasoned speaker, an acclaimed global activist, and an
    in-demand media interview darling, Joelle’s life changed when she turned 50. One minute, she’s speaking at the United Nations. The next, she’s hitting menopause and written off as a “has been.”


    There had to be a better option.


    Joelle realized that these feelings and how she was being treated were not unique. An entire generation of women were being “vanished” … right when they were reaching their peak productivity. In 2003, she helped change the narrative about clergy sexuable abuse and cover-up. In 2015, she helped change the narrative on child protection and empowerment. Now, she decided it was time to change the narrative on menopause and midlife.


    In addition to her books, THE WELL ARMORED CHILD (Riverside Press), THE POWER OF RESPONSIBILITY (based on her successful TEDx talk) (Worthy Adversary Press), and THE COMPASSIONATE RESPONSE (Worthy Adversary Press), she has also contributed chapters to the bestselling books HOLISTIC MENTAL HEALTH PART II (Brave Healer Productions) and STOP THE SILENCE (Brave Healer Productions). She hosts a popular blog and podcasts, has a vibrant social media presence, and has written for hundreds of media outlets including Parenting Magazine, The Daily Beast, The Orange County Register, and the Los Angeles Times. Joelle speaks all over the world on parenting, aging, child protection, and technology.


    Joelle is a former adjunct faculty member at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law where she taught popular courses on civil legislation and AI. Currently, she serves as a founding board member and board chairman of the national nonprofit Zero Abuse Project, where she is one of the major visionaries and influencers in trauma-informed care for survivors of abuse. She also works closely with dozens of other non-profits in a spokesperson or strategic role.


    Her expertise also includes how institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church, public schools, and other organizations cover up and enable child sexual assault; the role parents play in prevention; and how to eradicate and end the cycle through emerging technology and strong victim-friendly legislation.