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    Six Decisions That Will Help You Take Back Happiness and Create Unlimited Success

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    You deserve to be happy and successful. What’s holding you back?


    Successful and authentically happy people have one thing in common: Personal responsibility. Based on her wildly successful TEDxPasadenaWomen talk.


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    A Parent's Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

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    Protecting your child from sexual abuse can be as easy as opening a book.


    The Well-Armored Child gives parents age-specific and easy-to-use tools to prevent child sexual abuse, strategies to understand how and predators “groom” children, why many of our trusted institutions cover up abuse, and how to empower children without shame, fear, or inappropriate discussions of sex.


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    How to Help and Empower the Adult Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

    It's some of the worst news you can ever hear: Someone you love was sexually abused as a child. Do you know what to do?

    Do you know what to say? Do you know how to find the person help?


    This short, easy-to-use book gives friends, spouses, and parents of adult children guidelines and tools to create a compassionate response.

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    Is your school-age child or teen scared to go to school?
    Do you know the laws that can protect your child from bullying—on or off campus?
    Do you know the strong correlation between bullying and sexual abuse?

    Do you know that bullying and cyberbullying can be easily prevented and quickly stopped?


    Preventing and stopping bullying is easy, if you have the tools in this book.


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    Do you know that the sexual abuse and exploitation of teens is a national problem?


    Do you know what makes a teen vulnerable to predators?


    Do you know how to protect your teen online and off?


    And ...


    Do you know that protecting your teen from abuse and exploitation is easy?

    This book will show you how.


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  • TEDx The Power of Reponsibility

    Joelle's May 2015 TEDxPasadenaWomen talk





    The TEDx talk that started a movement

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    Author, a former victim at Mater Dei, is raring to take on Pope Francis over Catholic Church sexual abuse

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    Joelle's op-ed on the importance of eliminating civil and criminal statutes of limitations for sex crimes


    Author, Speaker, and Advocate



    Named one of Orange County's 100 Most Influential People of 2015, Joelle Casteix is an author, journalist, speaker, and advocate. She's also the leading “in the trenches” expert on the prevention and exposure of child sex abuse and cover-up—especially within institutions such as the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts and public schools.


    Her blog, The Worthy Adversary, has become a leading voice in survivor advocacy, exposing abuse and cover-up, child safety, and parenting strategies.


    Her other writings have appeared in the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, OC Family, and Parenting.com


    Learn more about Joelle here.


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