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Episode 3: Eek! What do I do? Moving from Audience to Actor when Confronted with Harassment, Assault, and Disclosure.

Have you ever witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace and found yourself freezing when you really wanted to help? What about if you witness a sexual assault or other violence in public? You don't have to be powerless in these situations. There are EASY things you can do to help the victim without putting yourself—or your job or others—at risk. 

Finally, Joelle and Lauren talk about the "big disclosure." It's tough to predict how you will react when someone tells you that they were the victim of sexual trauma—especially when that disclosure happens at the worst possible time. But don't worry. Even though it's going to be awkward, you can do a few simple things that will change a survivor's life for the better. One of them is as simple as just being there.

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